Our Story

Founded in 2013 by Pei-Ching Hsiao, Taiwan-Lantern is an Amsterdam-based studio on a mission to revive Taiwan's rich traditions and century-old craftsmanship. Beyond the common perception of mass production and electronics, our studio cherishes Taiwan's unique heritage, crafting items with stories and memories.

We work with Taiwan’s last remaining traditional lantern factory and the finest local artisans. Together we embarked on an adventurous journey to modernize the design, optimize the quality, and return to natural materials.

Each lantern involves various crafts, from ceramics, fabric dyeing with plants, painting, traditional knotting, woodworking, metal welding, and bamboo crafts. By combining these diverse traditional crafts, we honor our beloved heritage and advance the evolve the art of lantern making. Each lantern represents Taiwan's rich cultural legacy.

We prioritize sustainability, using 95% locally sourced natural materials. Our lantern frames, crafted from walnut wood and locally grown Makino bamboo, connect Taiwan's historical roots with a sustainable future, infusing each lantern with heart and soul.