Heritage Unicolors

Neutral shade lanterns with a satin finish. These lanterns take you back to the Han Dynasty 1045–771 BC, where the lantern originated

taiwan-lantern, heritage unicolors collection, brown
taiwan-lantern, heritage unicolors collection, white
taiwan-lantern, heritage unicolors collection, black


Thoughtful details

Colors of Wu Xing

  • The three rustic colors are inspired by Wu Xing 五行. Brown is Tu 土 earth, white is Jin 金 metal, black is Shui 水, water
  • These lanterns are hand painted and finished with a layer of Tung oil, which has been used for centuries
  • Tung oil, which is made from the seeds of the tung tree, give the lanterns a smooth satin finish. It also protects the fabrics from water

Bamboo with walnut frames

  • We believe our bamboo frames give the lantern a heart and soul
  • Makino bamboo is used for these frames. Grown in the mountainous region of Taiwan, this pliable bamboo is highly durable
  • Where possible we always use natural and locally sourced materials