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Taiwan's last traditional lantern factory

The last lantern factory

We work with the finest local artisans and Taiwan’s last traditional lantern factory, which has made handmade lanterns since 1951 for important temples throughout Taiwan.

centuries old traditional lantern shop

Centuries old tradition

Our rich traditions and well-preserved Chinese culture is over a thousand years old. Lanterns have a storied past dating back centuries and can still be seen in daily life throughout our beautiful island. In Taiwan, lanterns are a symbol of hope, joy and celebration

locally grown makino bamboo frames

A return to traditional materials

In 2013, we began Taiwan-Lantern to share our culture and lanterns with the world. We embarked on an adventurous journey to modernize design, optimize quality and return to using traditional natural materials. With a new sense of creativity, we value the achievements of our wonderful Chinese history, heritage and craft. Our lanterns represent the best Taiwan has to offer.

locally grown indigofera Tinctoria plants

Natural and locally sourced

When you purchase a Taiwan Lantern, you can expect uncompromised quality. Each lantern is hand crafted by local artisans using the finest materials. Wherever possible, we use natural and locally sourced materials from Taiwan.

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