Plant Dyed Patterns

Patterns inspired by nature, dyed with locally grown and wild plants from our beloved island

taiwan-lantern, plant dyed patterns collection, taroko gorge
taiwan-lantern, plant dyed patterns collection, sunmoon lake


Thoughtful details

Unique hand-made patterns

  • We used home grown indigofera Tinctoria plants for our dye
  • Inspired by the ripples on the Sun Moon lake and the marble from Taroko Gorge
  • We used the Shibori technique to make the patterns

Bamboo with walnut frames

  • We believe our bamboo frames give the lantern a heart and soul
  • Makino bamboo is used for these frames. Grown in the mountainous region of Taiwan, this pliable bamboo is highly durable
  • Where possible we always use natural and locally sourced materials